By Lisa, Jan 2 2018 12:00PM

Firstly we would like to wish all our customers past and present a Happy New Year, and we hope 2018 brings you all the love and joy you can hope for.

We have had a busy few months since our last Newsletter, and they have flown by,

Firstly congratulations to Janett Walker who managed to raise £1,150 for the Cumbria community foundation through her fantastic video of 'the perfect Gentleman Pole routine'

We had a lot of fun helping Janett make the video and it was a brilliant experience for all those who took part in the making of this.

You can still donate to this great cause via the link below.

Our year just got better from there on in with our new term starting in September which saw us welcome our new students as they started their pole journey with us, and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch you all grow in strength and confidence, as well as watching our intermediate ladies and gents work towards getting those more challenging nemisis moves and of course celebrating those goals as they were reached.

We had the pleasure of demonstrating those skills at the Photo shoot with Robert Watson who did an amazing job of capturing some fantastic images of our students who joined us for the day, it was a great experience and we look forward to hosting another shoot later in the year.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone who has worked with us over the last couple of months through some challenging times, I would like to thank Ailsa, Sue and Drew for stepping in and holding the fort on those days I was unavailable, and all of our fantastic students that have shown so much love and support throughout these past few months, I cant wait to see you all soon.

New Year Timetable

We are starting back slightly later this year, but we will be back brighter and stronger from the 8th of January.

Week commencing 8th January,

Ailsa will be commencing all classes as normal, from PiYo to Pound, Insanity and Pilates on the ball.

Week commencing 15th January All Pole classes start back as normal.

You can find our current timetable via the link below.

We look forward to seeing you all and welcoming our new students as they join us for another fun packed year at Poleclass.

Remember you can keep up to date with all the latest news about classes and workshops via our FB page @PoleclassUK

Thanks Lisa, Ailsa and the team

Janett Walker's #Pledge To Pole to raise money for Charity
Janett Walker's #Pledge To Pole to raise money for Charity
Robert Watson Photoshoot
Robert Watson Photoshoot

By Lisa, Jul 17 2017 11:55AM

The sun is shining Summer is here

We have had a busy summer here at PoleClass, lots of new members joining us as well as holiday makers dropping in to join us for a session whilst away from home, as always we would like to welcome everyone just starting out on their pole journey's with us.

Summer Timetable.

We will be running classes throughout the rest of July before we break for the Summer, Don't Panic! we will still have Pole classes on, just make sure you keep up to date via social media as to our August timetable.

We will be running taster sessions at Windermere on two dates in August, an ideal time to introduce a friend, or to come along and try a class before the start of the new term in September.

In addition to this we hope to be holding our annual Pole meet and bbq (a great chance to relax enjoy some good food and pole in the sun in some of the Lake Districts most stunning scenery,)

More details of all of the above will be coming soon, keep up to date via our FB page (link below)

PoleClass shop

We have added new products to our PoleClass shop, we have a great range of X-Poles available to purchase as well as some new grip products, and we shall be adding new items shortly,

remember you can purchase gift vouchers and also your monthly class pass online and pay via paypal as well as purchase in class.

New Booking System.

We are bringing in a new booking system ahead of September's new term, we will update all our members directly in class and via our members page on FB, again any questions about the new system please get in touch.

We hope the new system will make it easier and also fairer to all members and new starters wishing to book a session with us.

Like what we do? give us a review.

We always love to hear your lovely comments, and your stories of how pole has changed you and your life, now we would like you to tell everyone

We will be offering a £30 pole pass to one person at random for reviews left on our FB page throughout July and August.

Great I hear you say! How?

Head over to our PoleClass page (link below) add a review and we shall pick one reviewer at random on Sept 01. and they will receive a £30 pass for September. Its that simple.

Finally we would like to say thank-you from all our team for a fantastic last few months, it has been a joy to teach you all, we have had some wonderful experiences, and met some amazing people along the way,

We will sadly be losing Amy in the next few months as she starts the next chapter of her life, but we all know Amy will be back in class as soon as she is able (prob with baby on her back, a true pole addict).

I know I speak for all our students and team when I wish her good luck with her last trimester.

Have a great Summer Pole fam, See you all soon.

By Lisa, Jul 17 2017 07:48AM

Pole and Injury prevention..

Pole Fitness, is a highly physical sport, much like gymnastics and the aerial arts, particularly, in the intermediate levels and upwards. All major muscle groups in the body are used while pole dancing. However, the upper body muscles are very crucial for the strength required to lift, hold and move the body about the pole; and are in constant motion with every pole move. The muscles that fall in these four groups are: upper back muscles, shoulder muscles, chest muscles and arm muscles.

Overuse is one of the main causes of injuries. Pole dancing can become addictive. For those who take a liking to the pole; want to “perfect” their pole moves and will practice morning, noon and night. They often incorporate other strenuous exercise like yoga or weight lifting into their regimen, not allowing the muscles to rest and regroup.

Overused muscles = quicker injuries.

Individual progression rates are based on a multitude of factors. However, one of the most crucial factors is individual physical fitness levels, which varies from person to person. Therefore progression rates will be different and Pole moves should be taught in a progressive manner. One move should lead to the next, not jumping in head first, so to speak.

Patience can’t be stressed enough.

Often women who want to try pole fitness will want to start at the somewhat advanced levels already (not understanding that pole dancing isn’t as easy as it looks) however, like any new fitness regimen, starting at the beginning is best.

The great thing about pole dancing is that there are different levels and styles of performance. A person may choose to stay in the beginning stages of pole fitness, which concentrates more on floor work and fun spins than moving on to the more advanced pole tricks that require more gymnastic type movements. Individual style is encouraged, and as such there is no shame if flexibility, or strength prevent a person being able to hold the more advanced moves...

Because injuries are at their highest when the muscles are cool, a minimum 10 minute warm-up and 10-15 cool-down and stretch should always be incorporated before any workout.

Cool muscles = potential injuries.

The benefits of doing a warm up are numerous. Some of the main benefits are that a warm up increases muscle temperature, and prepares the body for what is about to come. As well, there is an increase of blood flow and nutrients to the muscles.

The cool down after strenuous exercise, is equally important because it slowly lowers the heart rate, respiration rate; and helps prevent dizziness and potential pain. It returns the blood to adequate quantities which helps remove waste build up from the muscles. The cool down also helps circulate nutrients around the body to assist in recovery.

Pole dancing demands a lot of our muscles and bones, so knowing and listening to your body is important. When performing on the pole, the active body parts being used to do a spin or trick should always extend to a full range of motion to help prevent pole injuries. Pole fitness requires its participant to use their own body weight, putting a lot of strain on the upper body, arms and wrists.

Most importantly, know your own body and what it is capable of and heed the warning signs. Proceed with that knowledge in mind and your injuries will be at a minimum.

The body is a beautiful work of art that can perform amazing beautiful movement for a long time, if taken care of properly!

By Lisa, May 29 2017 08:29PM

Over the years I have amassed quite a collection of shoes, some well loved and worn beyond repair, some lurking in a shoe box as a reminder of impulse buys and bad choices, and others that I save for those posh do's.

What I have learnt over time is that when purchasing a pair of shoes there are a number of considerations to take into account.

When will I wear them - Well, everywhere of course (even if theyre a 6" spike heel? practicallity never entered into any shoe purchase ive ever made)

Can I walk in them - I live on top of a hill, unless its flat, chances are not, (still not reason enough to reject them)

Are they comfortable - Comfort doesnt even feature, (a few sherberts and i will walk home barefoot,) come on ladies weve all done this

Are they value for money - (WHO CARES! theyve got a aquarium heel on them) the fact the heel will be that scuffed from driving to the pub so I dont have to walk down the hill within a month wont affect this purchase

So if you like me struggle to over-rule your shoe hungry brain here are a few tips to get those dancing shoes you know your going to wear

Have your feet measured so you know your exact size.

You can get your feet measured in most good shoe shops,

remember you need to measure both feet as it is common to have one foot bigger than the other.

Realize that you may be different sizes in different brands.

As in clothing, dependant on make and style shoe sizes will vary.

Take a pair of pop sox.

Your not going to be wearing those trainer socks with those heels so ditch the socks and use a pop sock instead.

Try on shoes at the end of the day.

Believe it or not, your feet can change sizes throughout the day, and they swell a little bit by the end of the day.

Walk around in the shoes before you buy them.

This goes without saying, but any shop worth its salt will have a good returns policy which means that you can take them home and as long as you dont mark the sole and walk on carpets you can get a better feel for comfort after 15-30mins in those heels, keep the receipt ladies you may thank me!

Examine that shoe!

In high-quality shoes, the insole lining is usually made of leather, not a synthetic material, and goes all the way around the inside of the shoe. If the shoe only has lining on the bottom but not the sides, it won’t be as comfortable. Similarly, natural materials like leather absorb moisture and allow your foot to breathe – synthetics like vinyl won’t absorb moisture and will be much less comfortable, This also carries through to the outer, avoid plastic or nylon based shoes as these will not have a comfort longevity,

Check the heel, Is it solid? Is there any Grip, Will I break my Ankle in it?

Is it worth the money?

If your going to spend £60+ make sure its quality, dont be swayed by fashion, try and buy a classic design that will come back again and again, to give you years of wear to come.

Hopefully these few easy tips will aid you lovely ladies in the art of clever shoe shopping and save you a packet happy shopping x

By Lisa, May 29 2017 08:20PM

What are the benefits of resistance exercises?

Muscle Gain

As the nervous system learns to recruit greater amounts of muscle, the muscles must get progressively larger to accommodate the heavier loads. As muscles contract and stretch under load, they suffer microscopic tears. While not painful, these tears trigger muscles to grow back larger and stronger.

Body Fat Loss

Muscle is an active tissue, meaning it requires calories to maintain itself. The more muscle you gain through resistance training, the higher your metabolism becomes. This increase in metabolism makes it easier to burn body fat.

Bone Density

As you age, you tend to lose bone density, leading to osteopenia and osteoporosis. Women are particularly vulnerable to bone loss. Resistance training puts a compressive stress on bones that causes them to grow denser. The Mayo Clinic recommends resistance training to patients with osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Improved Posture

Poor posture results from strength imbalances, as well as the weakening of key muscles. One of the most common examples is the muscles of the upper back weakening and causing a hunch. Resistance training can strengthen and tighten these muscles to bring them back into balance.

Injury Prevention

Weak muscles are more vulnerable to injury than strong ones, because they are less able to resist forces placed upon them. Resistance training prepares your muscles to exert and absorb force, making them better able to deal with forces that would otherwise injure them.


Gaining physical strength can have a profound effect on confidence and self-esteem. The feeling of increased strength makes most people feel more effective and better equipped to handle life's challenges.