Love those Shoes!

By Lisa, May 29 2017 08:29PM

Over the years I have amassed quite a collection of shoes, some well loved and worn beyond repair, some lurking in a shoe box as a reminder of impulse buys and bad choices, and others that I save for those posh do's.

What I have learnt over time is that when purchasing a pair of shoes there are a number of considerations to take into account.

When will I wear them - Well, everywhere of course (even if theyre a 6" spike heel? practicallity never entered into any shoe purchase ive ever made)

Can I walk in them - I live on top of a hill, unless its flat, chances are not, (still not reason enough to reject them)

Are they comfortable - Comfort doesnt even feature, (a few sherberts and i will walk home barefoot,) come on ladies weve all done this

Are they value for money - (WHO CARES! theyve got a aquarium heel on them) the fact the heel will be that scuffed from driving to the pub so I dont have to walk down the hill within a month wont affect this purchase

So if you like me struggle to over-rule your shoe hungry brain here are a few tips to get those dancing shoes you know your going to wear

Have your feet measured so you know your exact size.

You can get your feet measured in most good shoe shops,

remember you need to measure both feet as it is common to have one foot bigger than the other.

Realize that you may be different sizes in different brands.

As in clothing, dependant on make and style shoe sizes will vary.

Take a pair of pop sox.

Your not going to be wearing those trainer socks with those heels so ditch the socks and use a pop sock instead.

Try on shoes at the end of the day.

Believe it or not, your feet can change sizes throughout the day, and they swell a little bit by the end of the day.

Walk around in the shoes before you buy them.

This goes without saying, but any shop worth its salt will have a good returns policy which means that you can take them home and as long as you dont mark the sole and walk on carpets you can get a better feel for comfort after 15-30mins in those heels, keep the receipt ladies you may thank me!

Examine that shoe!

In high-quality shoes, the insole lining is usually made of leather, not a synthetic material, and goes all the way around the inside of the shoe. If the shoe only has lining on the bottom but not the sides, it won’t be as comfortable. Similarly, natural materials like leather absorb moisture and allow your foot to breathe – synthetics like vinyl won’t absorb moisture and will be much less comfortable, This also carries through to the outer, avoid plastic or nylon based shoes as these will not have a comfort longevity,

Check the heel, Is it solid? Is there any Grip, Will I break my Ankle in it?

Is it worth the money?

If your going to spend £60+ make sure its quality, dont be swayed by fashion, try and buy a classic design that will come back again and again, to give you years of wear to come.

Hopefully these few easy tips will aid you lovely ladies in the art of clever shoe shopping and save you a packet happy shopping x

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