Happy People

... Just wanted to say thanks for a fabulous time at my first ever Poledance Workshop at the weekend. I went with my sister and a friend, but the atmosphere was so relaxed and friendly that it would be fine to go alone. There were beginners like us there, but also people who have been going a while...this was great because it meant we got to see what we could do if we took regular lessons. We were shown all the basics and we actually got to do way more than I expected for a first session. All in all a brilliant introduction to poledancing and really, really great fun - I'm hooked!  


Posted By: Jo xxx

Just wanted to say how much I enjoys the pole workshop on Saturday. I new it would be good and it was meant to be a laugh, but I hadn't realised just how good! We had a brilliant time, learned loads and I was really surprised how much cool stuff you got us doing so quickly! I was really pleased with myself when I left. I have signed up for class and am trying to work out if I can fit a pole in my office at home now! Thanks so much! xxx  


Posted By: Lorna

I wanted to go to a fun dance class, get fit and be more in touch with my feminine side. I have achieved more than I thought. I have gained fitness, strength and confidence and become aware of how I look and move that has improved my posture and appearance. I really enjoy the cameraderie and the kicks, wearing high heels and ruffle pants, and performing with the other girls. Pole dancing is great  


Posted By: Ruth xxx

After seeing an article in my local paper I decided to give Pole Dancing a try. I'm glad I did. I feel much more confident and my fitness has improved. I have met lots of new people and have great fun  


Posted By: Melissa xxx

Thankyou so much for topping me up with pole & providing such a warm & welcoming class to come into, I look forwaerd to meeting you again and we can pole jam together again.   :D

Thanks again    Kate

I started pole because I wanted to improve my strength & fitness, so far not only have I done this but my confidence & happiness has boomed, also Yay for pole! :D


Maxine xx

I wanted to work on core strength and flexibility and build self confidence, also brilliant to be able to bring my daughter so we can do a fun activity together.


Awwww pupils of PoleClass - I honestly had the best day with you all! Thank you for hosting me . However, a full day of teaching, driving and performing until the early hours honestly broke me so I feel your pain! I was like a stick doll when one of my guys cheekily videoed me dancing at class today lol. Can't wait to see you all in 2015, much love Toxic Cherry xxx

Before pole class my asthma was the worst its ever been and I was unhappy with my life. After starting pole and having a life overhaul (which included changing jobs and getting rid of some unworthy people) I love my life! Thanks Lisa for teaching me!


Janey xx

Sharon Amanda Bradshaw-Brown — 5 star


Fabulous, friendly instructors and made friends with a great bunch of people. I've never been a gym bunny but I'm totally addicted to pole! Regular workshops with invited instructors provide new skills and a fun way to get fit!


January 2, 2015

Lee-Ann — 5 star


Fantastic place for teaching and great ppl that you meet,doesnt matter what size you are or how strong you are pole is great fun and added bonus for me on the tuesday dinner session at 12 is being able too take my kids which is so handy when your single mum :-D

Charlotte  — 5 star,

Love going to pole class, love the people and the instructor is the best! !!! X

I paid for my wife to come to one of your workshops for Christmas...she had an amazing day with you all, Thankyou for giving her the best Christmas present a man could buy...



Hi, my daughter and I just got back from our first pole class in Kendal. Wow what fun! We absolutely loved it and can't wait for our next class.  Thanks, Agi x

I've been a dancer/ teacher for 20 years... Retired 3 years ago.. Now miss it but don't want to teach again always wanted to pole....Now 7 weeks into pole .... I LOVE IT SO MUCH I WANT MY OWN POLE!!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought pole would be for me, especially as a man in a predominantly female sport. It is a great friendly atmosphere and the staff are extremely helpful. Classes are great for fitness, strength and improving self confidence. Would recommend anyone of any gender, age and body type.



Absolutely love attending classes with Lisa, the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly and she always has the time for 1:1 tuition to really help you stick a hold or move. Everyone is very encouraging in the classes which has helped develop my confidence and after a few sessions I already started to notice my strength and fitness improve. Can't wait to get back to it!


Carys LaBonté Jones



Going to pole is one of the best decisions I've ever made; the achievements, the people, the bruises, the frustrations, the laughs, its seriously the best thing you can do on a Thursday night, love it!



Starting pole at 46 was a little daunting, but I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I've made - it's addictive! The class is so welcoming and encouraging and you'll soon forget you're walking around in hot-pants and sports top, something I would never have done. Thanks to Lisa and the team for increasing my body confidence, strength, muscles and having a good laugh along the way! If you think pole sport isn't for you then you're wrong - it's for anyone, of any size, of any age - give it go and you'll be hooked too!


Emma (Slo-mo)